How long do Breast Implants last?

Even just a couple of years back, plastic surgeons in New Jersey used to perform just a handful of breast augmentation surgeries over the year and most of their customers usually used to be Hollywood celebrities. Because of the recent changes in the health insurance plans and also because of the tremendous awareness created by different medical and pharmaceutical organizations, this form of plastic surgery has become more mainstream and every year more and more people are getting interested and getting their bodies re-shaped at one of the many breast enhancement new jersey clinics.

Even though this form of plastic surgery has become more mainstream, there are still a lot of person out there who are misinformed about the procedure and that is what is responsible for the handful of complaints that we get to see on the Internet every day.

You should actually do your homework before making an appointment with your plastic surgeon. The first and most important thing that you need to understand here is breast augmentation is a temporary solution to the problems arising out of having an imperfect body curvature. Just like many other forms of plastic surgery, this procedure needs to be repeated a couple of times in the entire lifetime of a patient and the results could vary from one person to another.

Just like most other forms of plastic surgeries, this one also needs to be maintained properly and the longevity of the results depend entirely on the type of the implants used for the surgery, the kind of lifestyle led by the patient and also the frequency of follow-ups. So, if you think that a breast augmentation surgery is going to change your life forever, you are right but if you think that the effects are going to be permanent, you would be grossly wrong.

There is another misconception about the different kinds of implants available on the market. For many people, choosing the correct implant becomes a tedious task. Even though your doctor would be able to help you on this, you should be aware of the merits and demerits of the different kinds of implants available on the market because that is going to help you have the right kind of expectations from the surgery. There are basically two different kinds of implants available on the market – silicone breast implants and saline filled breast implants.

Both of them are equally good and popular, but there is an age restriction on the silicone breast implants and unless you are 21 years of age, you cannot opt for one. Silicone implants are usually a bit harder and are more capable of conforming to the general shape of your body. These are going to give you perkier breasts and also a tad bit more expensive compared to the saline filled breast implants.

The Seinfeld breast implants on the other hand would give you softer looking breasts and even though both of these implants are very much safe, the second variety is considered to be safer because of the absence of silicone in them.

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