How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

Eyelash extensions are artificial eyelashes that lengthen and add thickness to your naturally existing eyelashes. These are synthetic- hair, mink or silk; and are individually applied to your natural eyelashes one by one to provide your lashes a beautiful, luscious and natural look. Among the various options of enhancing the appearance of your eyelashes, including false eyelashes, eyelash extensions, mascara, eyelash curlers, etc, eyelash extensions are the best one. This article answers all the frequently asked questions on eyelash extensions. Here you will get answers to queries like how long do eyelash extensions last? How much do eyelash extensions cost? Who should not applyeyelash extensions? How do eyelash extensions look like after their application? And so on.

Is Applying Eyelash Extensions Painful?

No. Applying eyelash extensions do not touch your skin. They are applied on your natural eyelashes using a specially designed glue. The glue dries softly on your lashes, which allow comfort and flexibility.

Can Applying Eyelash Extensions Damage Your Natural Lashes?

No. Applying eyelash extensions do not damage your natural lashes if done correctly. In order to get it done in the right way, take the advice of an eye lash extension technician to know the thickness and length of extension that would be sustainable for long term stay on your lashes. Occasionally you can wear even heavier and longerextensions, but long-term application of these can weaken your natural lashes. Further, it is important to get the extensions applied by a technician who has qualified in this field as amateur application can lead to the damage of your natural lashes. It is also important not to remove your extensions by yourself as trying to do so can damage your natural lashes. This is because, the adhesive used is usually quite strong.

Will Lash Extensions Irritate Your Eyes?

No. After their application, they will feel as normal as your natural lashes. You will not feel any difference. Since the extensions are bonded to your natural lashes, and not to your eyelid, you will feel quite normal wearing those. Further, since eyelash extensions are applied one on one basis, they facilitate free movement just like that of your natural lashes. However, care should be taken not to damage the lash extensions by rubbing them as this can render them a little bit uncomfortable.

How Long Do Applying Eyelash Extensions Take?

When done by a professional in a spa while you take your beauty rest, it approximately takes 1.5 hours or so do a complete set. Since this is a non-invasive and absolutely relaxing procedure, you are sure to fall asleep while your beauty technician does the fixing work. If you do it yourself at home, the time taken is just 20 minutes or so. But professional fixing is quite fine and so it is highly recommended.

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

If you are beauty-conscious, then one common question you would want to know is how long do lash extensions last? If properly taken care of, eyelash extensions can last for 6 weeks. However, there will be some thinning when you reach this period. That is, some of your extensions would have fallen off with the natural growth cycle of your natural lashes. Therefore, it is recommended that you fill the gaps occasionally. Giving such touch ups every now and then can keep those extensions as long as you continue doing those.

How Do Eyelash Extensions Look Like After Their Application?

If applied properly, that is, if one eyelash extension is applied to each one of your natural lashes, the appearance as well as the feeling is quite natural. No one can say those apart. It will seem just as if you were born with those!

How Often Should You Touch Up?

It is recommended that you touch up your extensions once in every 2 to 4 weeks. If you wait longer than this, you will have to place a complete set, as most of them would have fallen off. Touching your eyes, exposure to steam or staying in places where the humidity is high can lead to the falling off your extensions sooner. Professional touch ups can take 45 to 60 minutes. This depends on the lapse period between your appointments. During touch ups, your beautician will remove residues of your make-up, remove the out- grown extensions, prime your eyelashes, and apply extensions to your newly emerged natural lashes. It is good to do go for a touch up appointment as soon as 50% of your extensions are gone.

How To Apply Eyelash Extensions?

You need professional training for doing eyelash extensions. However, here is a step- by- step DIY guide on how to do eyelash extensions.

  1. Apply stickers under the eye: Applying under eye stickers is the foremost step in eyelash extension application. When you do it, make sure that you do not place the stickers too close to your eyes. Place them over your lower lashes at approximately 3 to 4 mm from your lower lash line. Check to see if your lower and upper eyelids seal together with no gap between them.
  2. Use extensions of different lengths: It is wise to use extensions of at least three different lengths from anywhere between 6 to 14 mm. Using 8 mm extensions in the inner corners of your eye is good. Mix in extensions of shorter length so that empty gaps do not result. Thicker extensions create that dramatic look that celebrities bear, while thinner extensions give your eyes a more natural appearance.
  3. Spread out the lash extensions on a vinyl pad: This facilitates easy pick up. Now pick up using tweezers. Let the orientation be at a 90-degree angle so that you apply those quickly and accurately to your natural lashes.
  4. Dip into an adhesive: Hold the eyelash extension from its tapered end, and dip it into the adhesive. Ensure that there is enough adhesive at the extension’s base part. Before applying the extension to your lash swipe away any excess adhesive.
  5. Isolate the natural lash and swipe: Isolate your natural eye lash with the help of a curved tweezers. Hold the extension at its tapered end, and swipe the eyelash extension all along your natural lash. You should smoothly coat your natural lash with the adhesive from the base to its tip such that there is no gap in the glue.
  6. Set it: After you have swiped your natural lash with adequate amount of adhesive, set the eyelash extension on your lash at approximately 0.5 to 1 mm away from your eyelid. Now release the extension on to your natural eyelash. Make sure that the lash faces upwards; is parallel to your other lashes; and is bereft of any beads of the adhesive. You should not touch the eyelash extension after setting it.
  7. Repeat: Now repeat the same. Apply extensions to other areas of your lash till you no more can isolate more of your natural lashes.
  8. Separate them: Make sure that no two or more of the natural eyelashes or extensions are stuck together. Use a tweezers to separate those in a horizontal manner. It is best to do this when the glue has dried, but not completely cured. Do not pull the extensions vertically.
  9. Let those to dry: After you have securely bonded all of your natural lashes with eyelash extensions, let those to dry after misting with distilled water and performing another round of separation.

Can Mascara Be Applied To Eyelash Extensions?

Yes, you can apply mascara to your lash extensions. However, ensure that you use only water based mascara. Never apply water-proof or oil based mascara to your eyelash extensions. As these will dissolve the adhesive and make your extensions too fall off sooner. Also, use only a water based makeup remover for cleaning your mascara.

Can people who are sensitive to beauty products or makeup have eyelash extensions done?

People with eye sensitivities should first sit for a patch test just like testing for any other beauty product sensitivity. During this patch test a small quantity of the product will be applied to your lashes to know whether or not eyelash extensions will suit you.

Can those who wear eyelash extensions go for spa visits, swimming, exercising, etc?

Yes, this is because the adhesive used for bonding the extensions to your lashes are waterproof, which allows you to swim, shower, exercise, etc. However, it is advised that you should not wash the area near your eye for a period of at least 24 hrs after applying eyelash extensions.

Can eyelash curlers be used by those wearing extensions?

Usually, the use of a mechanical eyelash curler on your extensions is not recommended as both the extensions and your natural lashes may get damaged this way. Furthermore, you will not be in a need to curl the already curved extensions. However, if you must, you may use a heated eyelash curler.

Are there any preparatory steps prior to an eyelash extension applying appointment at a spa?

Yes, there are. You should go to the spa without any eye makeup so that the cleanup time is minimized, and you get more time for the application of eyelash extensions. Another thing is to wash your hair before you head to the spa. This is because you are asked to keep your lashes dry for a period of at least 24 hrs after applying the extensions.

How To Take Care Of New Eyelash Extensions?

  • Do not wet your eye areas for a period of at least 24 hrs after eyelash extension application.
  • Do not use oil based makeup remover.
  • Avoid taking sauna or hot steam bath.
  • Avoid exposing your lashes directly to water.
  • Avoid rubbing, pulling or picking your lashes.
  • Never use oil based or waterproof mascara.
  • While applying mascara, leave out the base of your lashes.
  • Never use a mechanical eyelash curler.

Can Anyone Wear Eyelash Extensions?

No, eyelash extensions do not suit everyone. People with the following complaints are not eligible for applying eyelash extensions:

  • With pre-existing eyelid or conditions like ocular rosacea, blepharitis, etc.
  • Rough and tough on themselves.
  • Who do not or cannot follow the after-care instructions provided.
  • Who want heavy extensions but do not have the natural eyelashes to support those.
  • With Trichotillomania, a condition where compulsive twisting and pulling of eyelashes or hair.
  • Are exposed to chlorinated water several times in a week.
  • Who keep rubbing their eyes, and cannot control it.

How Much Do Eyelash Extensions Cost?

  1. Synthetic eyelash extensions: These types of extensions are made using a polished acrylic material that looks quite realistic. This is the sturdiest one available in the market today. Besides, it is quite shiny and can instantly lift up your overall appearance. They are available in various thicknesses and curls. You can choose to look either natural or made- up with these. However, these do not stay for long on your lashes because of their heavy weight. These extensions cost over $75.
  2. Silk eyelash extensions: The silk eyelash extensions are softer and long lasting than the synthetic ones. They provide a natural look at a lower budget. Besides, they have un-uniform curls that hide that fact that you have applied extensions to your lashes. These eyelash extensions cost over $100.
  3. Mink eyelash extensions: These eyelash extensions use mink fur, and therefore have a highly natural appearance. These are quite silky and fine; and so they straighten out when they are wet, just as your natural eyelashes. Besides, they last longer too. These cost over $500.
  4. Faux-Mink eyelash extensions: People who do not like wearing mink that is made up of real hair, the faux-mink is an ideal option. These are quite light, and look perfectly dramatic when done in the right way. These extensions cost over $500.

Can Eyelash Extensions Be Removed?

Yes, they can be at any time removed if you wish. If you want to remove them, get to an eyelash extension technician who will use a simple and short procedure to remove those. The technician will apply a specially designed eyelash extension removal solution, which will break down the bonding agent to safely remove those extensions without causing any damage to your own lashes. Never attempt to remove the extensions yourself as this will damage your natural lashes.

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