How To Get Rid Of A Heat Rash?

When the temperature soars in the peak of summer and excess heat accumulate in your body, you will notice your skin breaking into small bumpy red spots and causing a lot of irritation and inconvenience.  They are called as Heat Rashes, miliaria, or red miliaria, and it can occur to anybody from any age group or ethnicity. The typical affected spots on the body are the face, neck, arms, back, chest and thighs. They appear as a raised red spots that resemble blisters. The common symptoms are itchiness and stinging sensation. Heat rashes occur when you sweat in high temperature, and the skin is moist, making it a perfect setting for the accumulation of dirt, oil and dead skin that prevent the skin from breathing. As a result, the sweat that naturally makes it way out through the pores gets clogged in the skin pores where the dirt blocks it from reaching the surface. As the intensity of the heat increases and more sweat accumulates, these blocked pores get inflamed and form small red bumps and can be extremely painful when they are touched or scratched. When you aggressively scratch them, you agitate them making it prone to being further infected.   Hence, this article will help you seek an answer to the question, how to get rid of a heat rash. Luckily for you, there are plenty of home remedies you can bank upon to rid yourself of heat rashes. But before we find the answer, I will be telling you the causes of heat rashes, ways to avoid them and treatments to cure the rashes. Your help has arrived!

The Causes Of Heat Rashes

The cause of heat rashes is credited to the sweat glands that are clogged during the summer. When the skin isn’t able to breathe, it projects symptoms due to suffocation and that translates to the red bumps on your skin. Although, hot and humid weather seems to be the culprit, there have been instances among people suffering from the heat rashes as they occur in winter. The condition is more prevalent among members that often sweat, having skin that doesn’t cool quickly and have areas that are less often exposed to the fresh air like the body crevice region. Heat rashes are also noticed among people that are suffering from overweight and obese. Children can also have their sweat glands clogged, and it will in turn cause heat rashes as the skin of children isn’t mature to withstand the heat. Also, because the members of their age group are extremely playful, it can cause the body temperature to rise, and the children will have rashes as a result.

How To Avoid The Body From Overheating?

As the name of this condition is self-descriptive to indicate that it occurs when you are unable to calm the body to bring the heat from developing within. So if you consider taking sufficient measures to keep your cooler, it is possible to prevent the condition from propagating into extreme cases of rashes. So are you should be asking yourself if taking sufficient measure to check the heat? What you wear or eat directly influence the efforts to prevent the condition from dominating. You must be wearing airy fabrics that allows sufficient ventilation and allows the skin to breathe. Cotton fabrics are ideal candidates to keep a check on the heat.

A simple act of avoiding the sun when the heat waves are intense can save you from the efforts of having to read the rest of this article. At the mere indication of rashes that you see on your body, step away from the sun and into a cooler shaded place till you cool down. Replenish yourself with water or other fluids. Do not allow yourself to get dehydrated.

You can also attempt giving your body a cold compression. The point is, keeping your body dry will prevent the chances of you getting rashes at first place. At every available opportunity avoid the moisture from accumulating in the joints, crevices and other regions that can aggravate the rashes.

Water plays a critical role in bringing down the heat. You must mandatorily drink sufficient water throughout the day. It is essential. If you are unable to keep a tab on your water intake, then it’s the right time to pay attention to your water consumption. You can make a create tables on a small writing pad and carry it with your and every time you have water take a note of the number of times you consume. This practice will soon help you realize how efficiently you have been managing the water consumption.

Spicy food is another primary source of heat that people will not realize. This is especially true if you have not been paying attention to all the spices in your meal. It is true the spices are healthy and makes your food tastier. But, excessive consumption can cause you to have the episodes of heat rashes. Most people are easily affected by the heat buildup that is a result of consumption of heat inducing food products.

Sometimes, the solution can come from a little beyond just right food consumption. It is possible to acquire the heat rashes if you have been taking frequent showers in hot water. Alcohol can also aggravate the condition and make the rashes pricklier on you. Hence, you must avoid the intake of alcohol, caffeinated drinks, and sugar; these are all the agents that increase your susceptibility to the condition.

Recommended Treatment For Heat Rashes

You will be prescribed a hydrocortisone to treat the areas of the skin affected by rashes. Doctors prescribe this medication if your condition has intensified or is worse. But, using the steroids in the long term isn’t skin friendly and will make the skin weak and thin. In some extreme cases, you may even acquire miliaria.

Some side effects of persistent intake of medications are nausea, heartburn, headache, dizziness, irregular menstrual period, difficulty in sleeping, more sweating and accompanied by acne.

Most of the times the rashes will fade away on their own, but if you have been impatient with the intense itching and discomfort, there some simple thing you can do. Take a quick shower in cold water and after drying the affected area thoroughly, powder the region with talcum powder, baby powder or some well-medicated powder that is safe to use on the boils. If nothing else works, you can try steroid cream like Cortaid, Aveeno, cortisone or hydrocortisone anti-itch cream that is water based medicated cream.

Treating Heat Rashes Naturally

There are several natural remedies if you seek immediate relief. Since, many times the symptoms nor the condition isn’t intense, you can resort to some home products to accelerate the healing.


It is a plant that is native to Britain. It has one of the excellent healing properties for heat rashes, and they are the best resources from nature to calm the body temperature naturally. It is a one of the active ingredients that are used in the making of sunscreens and cosmetic products for people who have hypersensitive skin that are sensitive to the chemicals, additives or scented oils in the cosmetic products. It is used to moisturize, cool and calm the skin that is agitated. You can also naturally prepare the Chickweed plant to make a soup that is healthy when consumed. It may taste like a cross between spinach and cucumber.


It is indeed an old trick that is assured to work on the insect bite. But as times changed it was known that was used to treat the agitated skin boils. You can apply the peppermint paste on the region that is affected and the anti-inflammation agent in the herb will instantly start working on healing the area. You can also apply the foot cream in the affected regions. Of course, foot cream works on other parts of the body as well. Napier’s creams will contain the peppermint along with other agents such as chamomile. You can also make several organic creams for maintaining your beauty by mixing several herbs and making a skin care product.

Are you aware that you can also make insect repellent using the peppermint and chickweed? Just as they have natural healing properties for the sun burnt areas of the body, they are also useful in keeping the insects of from biting you.

Here is an extraordinaire tip from the prominent herbalists. They say that you can brew excellent tea that is skin cooling and refreshing when consumed and you can also add the herbs to your bath to feel refresh.

You can also make a mint mixture that you can use to make tea. After the dinner if you were to have a peppermint tea, you fill not just feel refreshing, it will help the digestion and keeps your body cooler.


Lavender is the last word for several skin rejuvenation processes. It contains chamomile and ginseng that repairs the skin, and it has skin cooling properties that help the sun burnt skin heal better.

Aloe Vera

It may be unsurprising that aloe vera is used in the treatment of heat rashes as they have insulation property that keeps the skin safe from sun damage to a great extent. It can be applied to the skin after the application of sunscreen. It will remain on the skin till manually removed. It is also skin friendly, and not favoured among those people suffering from the sensitive skin.


Dandelion is an excellent diuretic. That is, it makes you want to rush to the restroom. The best-known method to keep the heat rash at bay is to tank up with sufficient quantity of water and at right intervals. If you aren’t feeling thirsty to sip water frequently, you can mix a spoonful of dandelion tincture to a glass of water or try some dandelion leaf tea. It has a high quantity of Potassium and other essential minerals that are the reason it is consumed as spring green or dandelion juice. The roasted root of this plant is the best substitute for coffee.


If you have been suffering from allergies or hay fever, it is possible it is associated with the heat rash. Nettle is a nature’s best antihistamine that helps your body to combat allergens such as dust and pollen. Regularly consuming this element will make you less prone to allergen sensitivity. You can make your nettle juice or brew them. There are several suppliers that provide you nettle tea and juice in case you are not successful in growing them yourselves.


If you are outdoors and are suffering from the heat rash and have no means to get to a doctor or any medicated creams and powder, you can make use of what is available to you. Look for a plant called Jewelweed, also called as the touch me not plant. This herb has essential heat rash combating agent that acts as an anti-inflammation component that helps you ease the itching and inflammation. It is found in the low-lying areas where the ground is close to a water body such as lakes, pond, rivers or stream. It is found growing on the wet ground. You have to collect these plants, crush them and make a paste before applying to the affected region. Remember, the effect will wear out soon, so it is only for temporary relief, and you are advised to seek medical attention soon after you have applied the herb.

With the right efforts, it is always possible to rid yourself of the great rashes. It is not a life-threatening condition and can be easily handled by paying attention to the hygiene and taking an initiative to avoid the sun and heat exposure. If you are that somebody who cannot excuse yourself from spending time out in the sun, you must take sufficient initiatives to ensure that your skin is taken care by investing  in skin care products that help you prevent  your skin from sun damage.

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