How to Straighten Your Hair Without Heat?

Before analyzing the concepts that what it requires for the hairs to get them straight, the deeper understanding of the hairs and the essentials to keep them healthy is important. So, how to straighten your hair without heat? is a very peculiar question. You would find the right answer in the forthcoming lines. Without knowing the proper method to implement, many of the users end up in damaging the hairs. What most of the users do is they apply excess heat on the hairs, and the hairs get damaged. After this, they go for using numerous hair care products, and this may result in reducing the health of the hairs as well as the look while worsening its condition. Instead of picking the hot air dryer or any other hair care tools or products, one should strategize the correct procedure for applying and maintaining the hairs. You need to follow your routine with complete dedication and at the end your hair roots will thank you.


The birth of the hair occurs in the skin from the follicle. It is a protein filament and which stands as the defining character of the mammals. The human body is not only covered by the glabrous skin but also from the thick terminal and a finely textured vellus hair. The main component of the hairs is keratin. The hair care and types are essential aspects to be discussed when you take up the issue of the hairs. Cutting across the cultures of the world, the hairs are considered and viewed with different points. In some of the societies, the hairs would depict the person’s social features, and more generalized inferences are drawn. These attributes indicate the age, gender, religion and even more of a person.

Distinct Structure Of The Hair

1. The bulb, which lies below the skin where it maintains the stem cells. Here, the hair not only re-grows but also helps the hairs to develop in case of hair fall.

2. The hard filamentous formation called shaft is the part that grows above the skin. When the cross section examination of the hair is taken, then you would come to know about the three different categories.

  • Cuticle – Here numerous layers are found lying flatly with overlapping on one another and that seems like the roof shingles.
  • Cortex – These are tough and rod-like structures which are made up of a protein substance called keratin.
  • Medulla – It is an open space at the center of the fiber.

The Hairs And Their Description

Each of the hair strands is made up of a cortex, cuticle, and medulla. Here, the medulla is not present always. The highly organized structure cortex is the main strength providing element. By which, the hairs become capable of withholding the pressure of the water and any other mechanical forces. The coloring of the hairs mainly depends on the right distribution of the granules present within the cortex. And the shape of the follicle would determine the fiber shape, and also the curliness of the hairs. The very next question that arises in the mind is how to straighten curly hair without heat and the answer lies in following the right hair care techniques.

The out covering is nothing but the cuticle. And it is seen that the person with straight hairs are more likely to develop the curly hairs. Irregular and oval shaped hairs can develop into curly and wavy kinds of hairs. The cuticle structure moves with the swelling of the hairs. In its composition, it contains a lipid layer, and that helps in repelling the water. In the human body, there exist more than two million tiny tubular glands that function in secreting the sweat and help the body to gain the coolness. The lubrication of the hair happens by the production of the fat at the end of the opening of the hair. When you consider the diameter of the hair, then it is known that it lies in between 0.017 to 0.018 millimeters.

The growth of the hairs begins from the hair follicle. In this part of the hair, the living portion exists. The hair shaft is considered as the dead component because it does not exhibit any of the biochemical activity. The bulb portion of the hair shaft contains the cells that are responsible for the growth of the shaft. The production of oil takes place in the sebaceous gland that is involved in lubricating the hairs and the arrector pili muscles and these are responsible for the hair erection. The result of the effect will be in the form of goosebumps in the humans.

Tips To Overcome The Curly Hairs Without Using The Expensive And Harmful Tools

Apart from using the paddle brush or tooth comb, one has to make use of the slew of other products that function effectively in controlling the frizzing of the hairs. Several of the products can be used on that line, which are filled with the antioxidants and Vitamin E. Sometimes, the exceptional spray products do play an important role in setting the baby hairs along with the long one. While keeping the shiny look of the hairs, the effective of the spray will increase the smoothness of the hairs until the end of the day. Below are some of the vital tips that help you in the right solution for the hair problems.

1. Keep your hairs clean by washing. For straightening, wetting of the hairs is an important aspect but this must be followed by the conditioning. Allow the conditioner effect to stay for the duration of about two to three minutes so that the moisture, as well as the frizzing get, improves. Apple cider vinegar conditioner would be more effective on the hairs for the straightening purpose.

You can also make use of the various products available from the drug shop. Letting the hairs to be in the wet condition would help you in keeping them in the straight direction while preventing the natural oils of the body and avoiding the frizzy look of the hairs.

2. Dry the hairs by using the towel. You should continue to do it until the dripping makes its absence. Here, you should not completely dry the hairs by the towel.

3. Application of the anti-frizz serum would be the better option for the hairs. This makes the hairs retain their straight structure if they have a natural tendency to the curly texture under the influence of cooler hair. Oil need to be applied from the roots to the end if the hairs are thick and long.

• One can make use of the leave-in conditioner or a balm if you do not have the frizz serum.
• You can prepare the frizz serum in your home, by just mixing the camellia oil (four ounces) and avocado oil (one ounce).
• A meagre quantity of essential oils such as peppermint or rose.
• Do not apply hairspray or mousse that promotes curly hairs.

4. You must use the blow drying technique using the cold settings of the blower for a certain chunk of time. Next, go for using the flat paddle brush to provide the straight strokes while holding the dryer on the hairs. Do this process, until your hairs become completely straight and dry.

Due to the abstinence from the heat blow, you might require more time for the process to complete. So, you must be ready to spend an hour of time in blow-drying the hairs.

It is not required for you to use the dryer for straitening the hairs; you can also make use of the fan for the same process. While involving with fan drying, take a flat paddle brush to provide a straight stroke to the hairs. After some time, the hairs become dry and straight as well.

5. Hair styling is very important for the hairs. Application of the anti-serum oil for smoothing the curly is the most sought after an action and one need to go after this technique. Next, try to keep your hairs tied in a loose ponytail, if you desire to do put them up. Braid and bun structure would affect the hairs while leaving the crease marks. Then it starts appearing more like a wavy in nature.

6. If the sunshine is available, then go outside of your home and make sure that you receive a sufficient amount of sunlight on your hairs. In the process of executing this process, you should not allow the rays to fall directly on the hairs, so use the clean cloth to cover the hairs.

Along with the sunlight humidity is also essential; if this environment is not present, then you should go outside for drying. The warm air helps you in producing the straight hairs whereas the cold air makes encourage the curliness of the hairs. If you can’t find a suitable warm climate, then it is better to find it indoors.

Make use of the flat brush, and try to give a long stroke from the roots to the tip of the hairs; this will flatten the hairs as when it dries. Do this process continuously, until your hairs become free from the dampness or mild wetness.

You have to spend time from thirty minutes to an hour, for executing all these processes. It varies depending on the length and thickness of the hairs. While focusing on other parts of the hairs, don’t let the hairs on first part get curly. You need to brush the hairs evenly across the section of the hairs so that the hairs become free from all sorts of curls. For this purpose, make use of the flat brush effectively.

7. The magnetic curlers function quite amazingly in removing the hair curls. These are the hard plastic curls with the holes. The word magnetic is attached to them because the wet hairs get a stick to the plastic, and this helps in wrapping the hairs without using the styling product. The styling gels and other hair cream work more positively to increase the adhesiveness of the hairs and this in turn would help in wrapping.

The reconfiguration of the hairs is done by the magnetic rollers. The side-bonds of the hair are broken by the heat as well as water, but these get reformed after cooling or drying. After wrapping the wet hairs on the magnetic rollers, they should be dried. You can perform this activity, by allowing the natural air drying or by using the hooded dryer. Uniformity should be maintained with respect to the curls, so that after removing the magnetic curls straight flowing hairs become more predominant.

You can gently apply the foam or lotion, because these have the peculiar role to play in straightening without frizzing. The application of the above-quoted things will not leave the oil residue. You need to apply the lotions on the curls, and this has to be done in a liberal way.

Avoid taking the curlers out of the hairs, until the entire gamut of hairs becomes dry. Air dry or the blow dryer can be used for hair drying, and that may take some time. Next, you need to free the curled up hairs followed by a gentle combing. Even after this, the hairs will have a body but you will get the relatively straight hairs. Styling must be followed as usual, and up-dos must be avoided to stay away from the crease.

8. One can also go for the permanent hair straightening wherein a chemical is used for the process. This activity will function similar to the perm, but here you will get a straight pin hairs rather than curls. The chemical treatments would last for a longer duration or until your shoots.

The damaged hairs due to the color or other reasons should not undergo the chemical treatment to avoid further damage of the hairs. Apart from the investing time, one needs to spend a lot for maintaining the hairs or for the repetition of the chemical procedure.

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