Top 10 Perfumes for Women

Perfumes or parfum, as they are alternatively known, is an important part of several billion dollar fashion industry. It continues to retain as a critical component of everyone’s wardrobe. The varieties of perfumes vary depending on several factors such as price, composition, brands, and the rarity of ingredients.  Who can deny falling in love with those aesthetic fragrances that delights your olfactory senses? Did you know no two women wearing the same perfume will experience the same effects of the fragrance? The fragrance is completely dependent on the diet, stress and composition of the skin (oily moist skin allow the fragrance to stay). If the wearer’s skin has natural oils and is not dry, it will keep the applied perfume longer. To select a perfume for ‘her’, it is a must that you understand the chemistry of a woman’s body. Stress levels and perspiration can affect the fragrance too. So find the one that suits her the most. With perfumers being abundant, it is easily a lucrative industry where thousands of brands lure customers to their products with their fragrances. You, women, are here reading this article because you are in hot pursuit of top 10 perfumes for women. Also, men who want to buy the perfume that sweeps their lady off her feet will find this list valuable to make your selection among the best perfumes.

Here Is That List You Have Been Looking For

10. Obsession By Calvin Klein

Stepping out for the evening? Thou shall not without wearing this timeless product from Calvin Klein brand. Obsession was made available to the buyers since 1985 and ever since been among the most preferred fragrance. This perfume features a variety of fragrances such as bergamot, mandarin and peach essence with the essence of lemon, oakmoss and jasmine. The product is priced at $31.35 and applying freight charges, you can own one for $35 from Amazon.

9. Shi By Alfred Sung

Coming in the 9th spot is the perfume by Alfred Sung that has a unique feminine character to its fragrance. It is known for its floral essence. It appeals a lot to those ladies who are anything but enthusiasts of floral fragrance collections. This perfume is known to best suit the wearers during the daytime. The chemical notes of this perfume are almost too musical. This perfume features a top note of fig leaves and water lily; mid notes are made of Orange blossom and frangipani; Lastly, the base notes have a tinge of water musk and silver birch. Shi was introduced in the year 2000 and is priced at $22.50; you will be able own yours for a little more than $25 paying for the freight charges as well.

8. Fancy By Jessica Simpson

top 10 perfumes for womenImagine a perfume with lasting freshness and keeps you smelling great. Well … your search ends here. Fancy is a perfume that is specially formulated for women. If you are wearing this perfume, rest assured that you will not have to be worrying about the aroma wearing off anytime soon. Wearers point out that this product has a tinge of cotton candy essence in them. The contents of this product are caramel, amber, pear, red fruits, crystals, gardenia, apricot sandalwood, nectar, toasted almonds, jasmine, vanilla crème. With an array of fruits forming its ingredients, it isn’t surprising it will be the favorite among many women. Fancy is available for buyers at $18.99

7. Juicy Couture by Juicy Couture for women

top 10 perfumes for women

Just like the name suggests, it is another finest range of fragrances that adds a juicy flavor to the wearer. Women often love that fruity smell in a perfume. The carefully formulated perfume has become a hit among the women folks who would flaunt it during the day when this perfume features its essence at its best. It is believed that this perfume has essential oil extracts from the widest range of notes. The top notes are known to have watermelon, pink passion fruit, water hyacinth, green apple, crushed leaves, bright marigold and mandarin. It is balanced by a perfect range of heart note that delights the wearer with the essence containing princess lily, creamy tuberose, and wild rose. All the notes are bounded by the base note that has crème brulee, precious woods, vanilla meld and patchouli. But, this is also one of the pricey fragrances costing you $39.36. Your lady love is truly worth of this fragrance if she fancies a juicy fragrance.

6. Be Delicious By Donna Karan For Women

10 best perfumes for womenNeedless to say, who isn’t familiar with this iconic brand that has devoted followers among both men and women? In the year 2008, the Donna Karan New York released a range of fragrance that is exclusive to women. The product named Be Delicious was an instant rage among women. It’s delightful, and sense refreshing aroma was embraced by haute couture. This product was packaged in an attractive vessel that is that is a crowd puller in its own term. The high fragrance notes of this perfume have sandalwood, tender skin accord, candid magnolia, white muguet, grapefruit, white amber, American apple, tuberose, rose, cucumber, violet and blonde woods. That is sufficient enough fruits to make her feel delicious, just like the name conveys. Be Delicious can cost a whopping $46.55 on Amazon. But, it worth the all that penny when it can make your lady love smelling romantic.

5. Jimmy Choo

top 10 perfumes for womenOne of the top favorites among women, it is the brand that makes unmistakably finest products that are aimed at women folks. Who knew their product could give the wearer an aura of elatedness in the form of perfume that is strong enough to snatch attention to her when she passes by? The product was an instant success when it made heads turn. This top fashion brand has made its fragrance series inspired by the notion of a woman’s desire. The fruity fun and woody depths give character to its aroma. It is guaranteed to leave women wanting more. The Jimmy Choo range of fragrances is priced at a staggering $55. It isn’t exactly inexpensive. But, it is the best money can buy. Then, why not?

4. Bvlgari By Bvlgari For Women

top 10 perfumes for womenYes! That is the name you can never mistake; no fashion season starts without the brand being part of it. We all know the quality of Bvlgari range of products. Originally debuting in the fashion couture in 1994, it immediately became the top favorites among the long list of celebs and everyday women. To this brand, elatedness is one thing, honoring quality another. The Bvlgari range of fragrances has a fine range of aromatic notes that makes you swoon for them. The notes that define this product contain fruit extracts like jasmine, orange blossom, and violet. The brand is a class apart and so is the cost of their products, if you have the kind of money to spend, you shouldn’t shy away from the best your money can buy. The Bvlgari perfume costs $53

3. Romance By Ralph Lauren

top 10 perfumes for women

Striding at the number three slot is the famous Ralph Lauren, what can you say about a brand that chooses perfection above the rest? If money isn’t your concern, then it is a must-have among your perfume collections. What makes their product poetic? It’s their attention to the detail and elegance that is written all over the brand, and they love flaunting all that classiness from the count of happy customers. The brand makes a fine line of perfumes called the Romance which invokes a sense of sensuality to the wearer while retaining the classiness above all. It is assured you wouldn’t feel guilty of sporting this perfume that has unmatchable finesse. This brand regularly experiments with the high notes of perfumes such as oak moss, violet, marigold, ginger, fresh rose, and musk. The Romance fragrance costs a whopping $68.95 to add them to your list of collection or at least you must add them to your wish list.

2. Guilty By Gucci

top 10 perfumes for women

From the fashion house of Gucci, a classic perfume was released just for women, its aroma is known to make you feel invigorating. Guilty is one such product that will make your first impression a lasting one. The strength of their fragrance will keep that long lasting freshness. The wearer will feel mystical throughout the evening, which is the reason this brand continues to enjoy being the top favorite among the women’s wardrobe. What more can you expect from a brand that is uncompromising on the quality and exquisiteness? Guilty will surely make you feel sultry if you are not guilty of wearing it. The keynotes of this fragrance have a rich essence of amber, peach, mandarin, pink pepper, lilac, patchouli, and geranium. Guilty by Gucci commands a price tag of $55

1. Chloe

top 10 perfumes for women

The top slot for the best perfume for women is taken by Chloe. It is the newest line of fragrance for women. If you are a woman who prefers the fragrance to be of a particular balance, then you will feel privileged to use this perfume. The strength of the fragrance isn’t too strong, nor is it too dull. The makers of Chloe have been motivated to make this product bearing in mind the sensitivity and sensuality of a woman. The logic you can’t ignore if you are making the finest perfume exclusively for women. It gives the wearer an unmistakable identity and the feeling that the wearer enjoys have no words to describe. The aroma bears a floral appeal to its top notes and activated by several rare oils that will blend in with the warm body of the wearer unleashing the perfect blend of flavor as you bask in the glamour. Of course, it’s all yours if you are willing to bear a price tag of $65.99

Fun Facts About Perfume

Did you know, the obsession with this fashion accessory is older than some of the oldest civilization? Smelling good was important for the wealthy to mask their body odor due to not washing themselves often. This trend remained prominent in the Western Europe in the early 18th century.

Grasse is known the perfume capital of the world. It is a place where the finest perfumes are made by the best perfumers of the world. This destination also features several large nurseries where the finest flowers are grown for the extraction of the scent to manufacture the scented oils and other extracts that are essential ingredients for the making of best perfumes. The finest, in all sense.

The Egyptians were the first to experiment the use of synthetic chemicals for making the perfumes and fragrances for the Royals. Until then, the longstanding tradition was to use natural elements for the extraction of scents. It was usually done by distillation of flowers and other natural elements. Queen Elizabeth of Hungary had ordered that the perfumes be infused in alcohol. Hence, it set the trend of using alcohol based perfumes.

Your perfumes belong to class of flavors, and each fragrance is unique in its terms;

The Modern Classification Are Described As,

Bright Floral

The classification will have the essence of flower extracts. The flowery scents usually have a softer note of the fragrance.


It is interpreted as a modern version of Chypre type that has a dominant cucumber and leafy aroma.

Aquatic or oceanic

It has debuted only since the recent times into the list of categories. The best description to relate the essence would be to oceanic freshness that is dominant in the ingredient. It has been a key composition in the modern, androgynous perfumes.


Many modern perfumes still steadily rely on the citrus based scents because of its refreshing notes. It is not too strong or too dull for the wearer. Many Eau de colognes are a by-product of this category.


With no introduction needed, these categories of perfumes are formulated based on the fruit essence. The common fruit extracts used in the making of the ingredients are mango, passion fruit, peach, and others.


They dominantly resemble scents of food flavors, especially desserts, vanilla and tonka bean.

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